For years, CHOOSE NanoTech has specialized in manufacturing high-performance coating solutions for industrial use. Since 2010, CHOOSE NanoTech started expanding its product development to provide the same high-performance coating solutions for the consumer market.

KUBEBOND Diamond 9H TiO2 forms a permanent bond with the surface through quantum forces, forming a cubic ceramic molecular matrix structure that is chemically inert with 9H pencil hardness. New cutting edge Titanium Dioxide liquid glass rather than Silicon Dioxide make this one of the best products on the market today.

So, what are the benefits of this very new technology?

‘Less worrying, more motoring enjoyment’ is the philosophy that KUBEBOND South Africa lives by. This is how we take the ‘worry’ out of your motoring experience.

Courtesy of KubeBond

Protection against:
• Damaging elements like tar, bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, acid rain etc
• Minor scratches and swirl marks caused by washing
• Corrosion in coastal areas
• Plastic trim fading
• Paintwork becoming dull

The overall appearance of the vehicle will be enhanced:
• KUBEBOND brings out the colour of the paint and enhances overall shine and gloss.
• Plastic trim’s colour will be enriched.
• Chrome finishes will take on a mirror like shine.

• Cleaning your vehicle becomes much easier, even stubborn dirt like tar and bug splatter can be removed easily.
• No need to wax or polish your vehicle. Simply wash it for a showroom shine.
• Vehicle will stay cleaner for longer.

Increased safety when applied to the windscreen:
• Visibility in rain will be greatly increased!
• Bug splatter at night can be removed more easily.
• The latest trend in hi-jacking tactics is to throw foreign matter (eggs/oil) onto the windscreen, impairing visibility. KUBEBOND, facilitating easier cleaning, allow the windscreen washer to work much more effectively to clean the windscreen sufficiently for enough visibility to carry on driving to a point of safety.

Peace of mind:
• Knowing that the vehicle’s exterior is protected against the elements. That peace of mind could be extended to the interior as well.
• The easy cleaning surface created by KUBEBOND, minimise the risk of scratches caused trying to get stubborn dirt off.

Cost saving:
• Reducing the need to have the vehicle detailed or polished.
• Less chance of having to spend money on paint correction.

To summarize

• Easy cleaning
• No waxing/polishing

• Against harmful elements
• Increased protection against minor scratches & swirls

• Increased visibility during rain
• Increase effectiveness of windscreen washer to clean foreign matter

Added value
• Enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle
• Status (cleaner & shiny vehicle)