Everyone seems to be buzzing around EOFY; shoppers consider upgrading their car, dealerships get more colourful with banners and special offers, and trades spike.

We’re all looking for great value, and buyers and sellers would both like to have that little extra cash in their pocket after closing the deal.

As specialists in paint, plastic, and leather protection, we’ve noticed the value of these services to a vehicle about to go online for a quick sale, or to a brand new family addition wanting to lock in quality.

With minimum three years warranty on select paint protection products, knowing your vehicle’s paint or interiors are polished and secure is a valuable selling point for any buyer. Similarly, why wouldn’t you want to keep your new wheels’ paint in the best condition considering Queensland’s rapid and tropical weather? This also helps ensure your vehicle is as like-new as possible for resale down the track.

Freshly applied paint protection. Product: ToughSeal

Freshly applied paint protection. Product: ToughSeal

For example, our KubeBond product range can be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as paint, glass, leather, textile, wood, plastic, rubber, marble. The KubeBond line protects product surfaces from the effects of water, dust and all other liquids, without affecting the look or feel of it.

Top that off with a headlight lens protection service, and bring your used car to life. This service removes yellowing, eliminates clouding, and stubborn oxidisation, making your headlights look good as new. These small details impact your vehicle’s buyer interest and could mean the difference between getting the sale over the line and letting you upgrade, or another day with the same car sitting in your garage.

This EOFY, if you’re selling your vehicle, or in the market for a new one, consider locking in quality and value with a paint, plastic, and/or leather protection service.