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We offer you a wide range of services, from a basic wash to a complete detail. Take a look at our product and service price list.

Please note that these are guided prices and your car condition will be taken into consideration when quoting for your exact service. Fur, bird droppings, bugs, spills, stains etc, may affect actual price.

Car Wash Pricing

Basic Wash
$30 - $35
Hand wash exterior of vehicle. Apply tire dressing to tires, Spotless windows cleaning(outside only)
Most vehicles: $30.00
FWD and Vans $35.00
Deluxe Wash
$55 - $70
Includes basic wash, plus vacuming and windows spotless cleaning and dusting
Most vehicles: $55.00
FWD and Vans $70.00
Hand Polish
Includes basic wash, plus hand polishing of your vehicle to perfection
Most vehicles: $100.00
FWD and Vans $150.00
Cut Polish
From $150
Includes basic wash, plus cut and polishing of your vehicle to perfection
From $150.00

Extra Option:

Engine wash (Additional)
Includes only engine wash. Most vehicles including FWD and Vans from: $30.00
Headlight Restoration
Clear up your headlights from a dull fade to a clear shine.


Car Detailing

Detailing is a more thorough cleaning than a car wash. A reasonable effort is made to remove stains, ground-in dirt, etc. Compared with a wash, more time is spent removing dirt from difficult to reach areas. Although we cannot promise that all stains and imperfections will be removed, a much greater effort is made to return your vehicle to “showroom” condition.

Interior Detail: Includes Basic Wash, plus vacuum and shampoo all fabrics, clean and use protectant on dash and all interior vinyl.

Exterior Detail: Includes Basic Wash, hand wash and wax exterior of vehicle, polish, use protectant on all appropriate exterior surfaces.

Full detail (in and out)
$300 - $350
Most vehicles from: $300.00
FWD and Vansfrom: $350.00
Interior Full detail
$230 - $280
Most vehicles from: $230.00
FWD and Vans from: $280.00
*Leather seats only
Fabric protection detail
$150 - $170+
Most vehicles from: $150.00
FWD and Vans from: $170.00
Leather protection detail
$150 - $170+
Most vehicles from: $150.00
FWD and Vans from: $170.00



Paint Protection


CHOOSE NanoTech has developed a line of KubeBond coating solutions for the professional car care market. The key factor of the KubeBond line is the Cubic Bonding Strength Technology, which has excellent bonding strength with the coated surface forming a hard cubic ceramic layer. Giving the best protection from damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals, and also, stay cleaner for a much longer duration and can be cleaned extremely easily and quickly.

The KubeBond product range can be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as paint, glass, leather, textile, wood, plastic, rubber, marble. Our coating technology allows our customers to improve the performance of their products drastically. The KubeBond line protects product surfaces from the effects of water, dust and all other liquids, without affecting the look or feel of it.


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Tougseal Paint protection
$195 - $695
Interior Protection: $195
Paint Protection: $550
Interior and Exterior Protection: $695
Kube Bond Paint Protection
$900 - $3,000
New Vehicle:
Exterior only - $1,200 (2 coast Diamond 9H + 1 coat Nano X)
Interior only - $900 (Leather / Fabric + Nu Interior)
Exterior & Interior - $,1950
Used Vehicle:
Exterior only - $1,600 - $,1800 (depending on actual condition)
Interior only - $1,200 - $1,500 (depending on actual condition)
Exterior & Interior - $2,500 - $3,000 (depending on actual condition)