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Family operated business for 26 years
The basic proposition of our business is simple: deliver the cleanest car possible, quickly, with the highest level of customer service.

We’ve translated this into our motto

“If you see a better car wash service please let me know as i must see that miracle.”

Our business has been built on earning customer trust through the quality of the services we provide. We understand their needs and strive to maintain a consistent level of cleanliness.

Through technological innovation, we’ve developed proprietary processes, delivery systems, and chemistry that provides us with a distinct advantage in the market. We are unique in our ability to balance the power of technology, chemistry, mechanization and labor.

At Lotos Car Wash we continue to succeed in turning great services, industry-leading execution and operational efficiency into highly profitable results.

We have a thirst for growth and continually look for ways to improve every aspect of our business.

Sit back in our noise-controlled, air-conditioned waiting room, equipped with a coffee machine, television, and computer. Whether you’re catching up on work, or kicking your feet up while your car is at the hands of professionals, we offer you comfort and convenience.